I am a Senior Research Scientist at Samsung AI Center, Cambridge. My main areas of interest include enhancing user-experience for AI-based applications, audio signal processing and ML systems. Before joining Samsung, I was a postdoctoral researcher at University College London.


  • Paper accepted at ICLR’22: “Conditioning Sequence-to-sequence Models with Learned Activation Functions”.

  • We won the Samsung best paper award 2021 for “Zero-cost Proxy Tasks for Light Weight NAS” project.

  • I am serving as a Program Committee Member for ICLR’22.

  • Two papers accepted at ICLR’21: “NAS-Bench-ASR: Extending the Scope of NAS Algorithms to ASR Domain” and “Zero-cost Proxy Tasks for Light Weight NAS”.

  • Our paper “Designing Robust Models for Behaviour Prediction using Sparse Data from Mobile Sensing: A Case Study of Office Workers” has been accepted at ACM HEALTH.

  • Two papers accepted at INTERSPEECH’20: “Iterative Compression of End-to-End ASR Model using Reinforcement Learning” and “Bunched LPCNet: Vocoder for Low-cost Neural Text-To-Speech Systems.”.

  • Our book “Intelligent Notification Systems” is now available as Synthesis Lectures on Mobile and Pervasive Computing (Morgan&Claypool Publishers) 2020.

  • We won the Best Paper Award at ACM CHIIR’19 for “NotifyMeHere: Intelligent Notification Delivery in Multi-Device Environments”.

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